Your Way

January 2022 - UpStreet

Greatest Gift

December 2021 - UpStreet
Copy of 2112_252_DanceMoves_GreatestGiftRemix_Full.mp4

What I choose

November 2021 - UpStreet
2111_252_DanceMovesMusicVideo_What I Choose_Full Mix.mp4

Gloriously Free

October 2021 - UpStreet
2110_252_DanceMovesMusicVideo_Gloriously Free_Full Mix.mp4

Make a Move

September 2021 - UpStreet
2109_252_DanceMovesMusicVideo_Make a Move_Full Mix.mp4

I Run to You

August 2021 - UpStreet
Copy of 2108_252_DanceMovesMusicVideo_I Run to You_Full Mix.mp4

You're The Reason

July 2021 - UpStreet
Copy of 2107_252_DanceMovesMusicVideo_Youre the Reason_Full Mix.mp4

Press Play

June 2021 - UpStreet
Copy of 2106_252_DanceMovesMusicVideo_Press Play_Full Mix.mp4

You Are Faithful

May 2021 - UpStreet
Copy of 2105_252_DanceMovesMusicVideo_You Are Faithful_Full Mix.mp4

Even When Full

April 2021 - UpStreet
Copy of 2104_252_DanceMovesMusicVideo_Even When_Full Mix.mp4

Working On Me

March 2021 - UpStreet
Copy of 2103_252_DanceMovesMusicVideo_Working On Me_Full Mix.mp4

Give A Little Kindness

February 2021 - UpStreet
2102_252_DanceMovesMusicVideo_Give a Little Kindness_Full Mix.mp4

Trust You With My Heart

January 2021 - UpStreet
Copy of 2101_252_DanceMovesMusicVideo_Trust You With My Heart_Full Mix.mp4

Joy to the World

December 2020 - UpStreet
2012_252_DanceMovesMusicVideo_Joy to the World (Glory to the King)_Full Mix.mp4

I Want to Say Thank You

November 2020 - UpStreet
2011_252_DanceMovesMusicVideo_I Want to Say Thank You_Full Mix.mp4

Jesus I Will Trust You

October 2020 - UpStreet
2010_252_DanceMovesMusicVideo_Jesus I WIll Trust You_Full Mix.mp4

Friend like You

September 2020 - UpStreet
Copy of 2009_252_DanceMovesMusicVideo_Friend Like You_Full Mix.mp4


August 2020 - UpStreet
Copy of 2008_252_DanceMovesMusicVideo_Beautiful_Full Mix.mp4

Live My Life

July 2020 - UpStreet
2007_252_DanceMovesMusicVideo_Live My Life_Full Mix.mp4

Only Focus

June 2020 - UpStreet
2006_252_DanceMovesMusicVideo_Only Focus_Full Mix.mp4

Our God is Stronger

May 2020 - UpStreet
201905-US-Our God is Stronger.mp4

Thank You God

April 2020 - UpStreet
202004-US-Thank You God.mp4

My Voice

March 2020 - UpStreet
202003-US- My Voice.mp4

Live Your Life

February 2020 - UpStreet
202002-US-Live Your Love.mp4

Know You More

January 2020 - UpStreet
202001-US-Know You More.mp4

I've Got Joy

December 2019 - UpStreet
201912-US-I've Got Joy.mp4


November 2019 - UpStreet

You Gave Me Courage

October 2019 - UpStreet
201910-US-You Give Me Courage.mp4

I Can Always Trust You

September 2019 - UpStreet
201909-US-I Can Trust You.mp4

I Will Follow

August 2019 - UpStreet
201908-US-I Will Follow.mp4

Can't Contain It

July 2019 - UpStreet
201907-US-Can't Contain It.mp4

Raise The Game

June 2019 - UpStreet
201906-US-Raise The Game.mp4

Our God is Stronger

May 2019 - UpStreet
201905-US-Our God is Stronger.mp4
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