My Life For You

May 2024 - UpStreet
2405_252_My Life For You_Full Mix.mp4

Keep On Waiting

April 2024 - UpStreet
2404_252_Keep On Waiting_Full Mix.mp4

Jesus Is Peace

March 2024 - UpStreet
2401_252_All To You_Full Mix.mp4

Your Love

February  2024 - UpStreet
2402_252_Your Love_Full Mix.mp4

All To You

January 2024 - UpStreet
2401_252_All To You_Full Mix.mp4

Silent Night

December  2023 - UpStreet
2312_252_Silent Night_Full Mix.mp4

I'm So Grateful

November 2023 - UpStreet
2311_252_I'm So Grateful_Full Mix.mp4

Sing Your Praise

October  2023 - UpStreet
2310_252_Sing Your Praise_Full Mix.mp4

Say It Again

September 2023 - UpStreet
2309_252_Say It Again_Full Mix.mp4

So Creative

August  2023 - UpStreet
2308_252_DanceMovesMusicVideo_So Creative_Full Mix.mp4

Movin Me

July 2023 - UpStreet

Ready Set Move

June  2023 - UpStreet

Yes I Am 

May 2023 - UpStreet
2305_252_DanceMovesMusicVideo_Yes I Am_FullMIx.mp4

Thank you God

April 2023 - UpStreet

All of The Ways

March 2023 - UpStreet
2303_252_DanceMovesMusicVideo_All of the Ways_FullMix.mp4

Everything To Me

February 2023 - UpStreet

A Better Me

January 2023 - UpStreet
2301_252_DanceMovesMusicVideo_A Better Me_FullMix.mp4

Go Tell It

December 2022 - UpStreet
2212_252_DanceMovesMusicVideo_Go Tell It_FullMix.mp4


November 2022 - UpStreet

The Power

October 2022 - UpStreet
2210_252_DanceMovesMusicVideo_The Power_FullMIx.mp4

Over And Over

September 2022 - UpStreet
2209_252_DanceMovesMusicVideo_Over and Over_FullMix.mp4

How Amazing

August 2022 - UpStreet
2208_252_DanceMovesMusicVideo_How Amazing_Full Mix.mp4

All I Need

July 2022 - UpStreet

Making Waves

June 2022 - UpStreet

Never Gonna Give Up

May 2022 - UpStreet
2205_252_DanceMovesMusicVideo_Never Gonna Give Up_FullMix.mp4

Hope Is Alive

April 2022 - UpStreet
2204_Hope Is Alive_FullMix.mp4

Love Like You

March 2022 - UpStreet

Love One Another

February  2022- UpStreet

Your Way

January 2022 - UpStreet
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